We are thrilled to introduce you to our remarkable initiative that leverages the transformative power of storytelling to effect change. Our ongoing projects are centred around amplifying the awe-inspiring narratives of newcomers, activists, advocates, and changemakers via photography, short films, and reels.

Our mission revolves around fostering empathy, facilitating understanding, and dismantling barriers. We wholeheartedly applaud the priceless contributions of newcomers and refugees to Canada. Moreover, we are committed to empowering newcomer artists by providing mentorship, workshops, and platforms to help them flourish within Canada and beyond.

Our endeavours transcend borders. We have a project specifically to support budding refugee writers and artists globally, ensuring their voices resonate and their talents gain international recognition.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey of storytelling and transformation!

Newcomer Narratives Project

Showcasing Stories of Newcomers, Activists, Advocates, and Changemakers

This initiative is dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of newcomers, activists, advocates, and changemakers in Canada through various media formats, including storytelling, photography, short films, and reels. 

The ultimate goal of this project is to promote mutual understanding, encourage empathy, break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and acknowledge the significant contributions of these individuals to Canadian society.


Foster Understanding: Utilize storytelling, photography, and visual mediums to create narratives that enhance understanding between newcomers and refugees. 

Promote Reconciliation: Feature stories that promote healing and reconciliation, focusing on shared humanity and common goals.

Encourage Empathy: Elicit empathy through powerful storytelling that allows audiences to connect with the experiences of newcomers and advocates.

Break Barriers: Address stereotypes and misconceptions through authentic storytelling that highlights the diversity and resilience of individuals.

Celebrate Contributions: Showcase the positive impact and valuable contributions made to Canada by newcomers, activists, advocates, and changemakers.



Artistic Thrive Initiative

 Empowering Newcomer Artists in Canada

This project specifically focuses on helping newcomer and refugee artists overcome challenges while pursuing their artistic passions in Canada. The main objective is to create more opportunities for these artists to display their talents, thrive in their artistic pursuits, and contribute their unique skills to Canadian society.


Showcase Artistic Talent: Provide platforms for newcomer artists to exhibit their diverse artistic skills, including photography, writing, videography, and painting.

Empower Artistic Pursuits: Offer creative envisioning sessions and workshops to empower artists in honing their craft.

Contribute to Canadian Culture: Facilitate the integration of newcomer artists into the Canadian cultural landscape by supporting their artistic contributions.



Global Refugee Art Initiative

 Supporting Emerging Refugee Writers and Artists Worldwide

This initiative has a global scope and focuses on creating opportunities for writers and artists who are refugees and are currently living outside Canada, especially those who face challenging situations such as being in refugee camps or detention centers. The project aims to mentor individuals and help them develop their skills in writing, journalism, photography, or any other artistic field while also supporting existing local art initiatives.


Mentorship and Skill Development: Provide mentorship programs to develop the writing and artistic skills of refugees in challenging circumstances.

Support Local Initiatives: Collaborate with and support existing local art initiatives in various countries.

International Exposure: Help publish stories and artworks in international media to amplify the voices of refugees.



Want to know how you can help?

We're so excited about our Humans in Flight projects! 

Our detailed plans outline exactly what we're doing and hoping to achieve. 

We've crafted each project to suit the needs and dreams of the people we serve. Our ultimate goal is to spread love and understanding; highlighting diverse voices is the key to making that happen. 

Thanks for being part of this vital mission!