It's one of the most rewarding experiences you can do, something that will change both you and the world you live in - joining a settlement team to sponsor a refugee to come to Canada

That means a team of five to seven ordinary or extraordinary people living in the same city is responsible for the refugee's settlement. They provide emotional and social support during the refugee’s first year of life in Canada.

Duration: You can fill in the required sponsor forms and scans in just a few hours. Getting to know your sponsor team and dividing up settlement duties may take a few hours more than that. But it often feels more like social time than work.

Commitment: 1.5 years or so of waiting for the refugee to arrive, then the first year of their settlement in Canada.

Ability to commit to the first year of settlement, and to a friendship that may last a lifetime. Interested? Check out our website of people you can sponsor (called Hazara Hope) or drop us an email!


There are so many ways to help refugees find hope and a better life. If private sponsorship is not for you, you can do your part to make their lives better by hosting English classes (or music, or whatever interests you!), by helping other sponsors fill out their forms, by fundraising or by keeping an eye out for free furniture for those arriving. 

Or if you’re a member of the media or have an active social media presence, spread the word on Humans in Flight.

Whatever help you have to offer, it’s likely needed! If that sounds interesting to you, check out the Northern Lights website or drop us an email!


At Humans in Flight, we believe in the power of storytelling and photography to shed light on the experiences of newcomers in Canada and challenge stereotypes surrounding Refugee peoples and Asylum seekers. We are looking for passionate individuals to join our team and make a difference in our creative initiative.

1. Photographer/Videographer

Responsibilities: Capture high-quality images and videos that showcase the lives, talents, and contributions of refugees. Create visually compelling content for the project.

Skills Needed: Photography/videography skills, knowledge of camera equipment, and editing software.

2. Writer/Storyteller

Responsibilities: Gather personal narratives from refugee individuals to provide a close-up view of their experiences. Craft engaging stories that humanize their journeys.

Skills Needed: Writing skills, empathy, interviewing skills, and the ability to tell compelling stories.

3. Social Media Manager

Responsibilities: Manage the project's social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), schedule posts, engage with the audience, and analyze social media metrics.

Skills Needed: Social media expertise, content scheduling, and audience engagement.

4. Community Outreach Coordinator

Responsibilities: Establish partnerships with local refugee support organizations and communities to ensure inclusivity and authenticity in the project's content.

Skills Needed: Communication skills, networking, and community engagement experience.

5. Content Editor

Responsibilities: Review and edit written content, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and consistency. Collaborate with writers and storytellers to refine their work.

Skills Needed: Editing skills, attention to detail, and strong communication.

6. Graphic Designer:

Responsibilities: Create visually appealing graphics, posters, and promotional materials for the project. Design engaging visuals for social media and the website. 

Skills Needed: Graphic design skills, proficiency in design software.

How to Apply:

To apply for any of these volunteer positions or to learn more, please contact us with your name, preferred position, and a brief introduction. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!